Easy Tips For Christmas Decorating

Decorating for Christmas is a joyful task because the decorative items bring back memories of holidays past and keep beloved traditions alive. The following are a few tips for putting up simple and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Use Real Christmas Trees And Wreaths

Adorning the home with evergreen trees and branches is said to be symbolic of eternal life. The wreaths across america project acknowledges this symbolism by placing a beautiful balsam Christmas wreath on the graves of fallen heroes at Arlington cemetery. Even though it’s easy to buy inexpensive artificial trees and wreaths, there is nothing like the look and scent of real evergreen trees.

Put Poinsettias Everywhere

Poinsettias seem to be made for Christmas since they are at their most beautiful and vibrant in the winter. Try placing a few red or white poinsettias around the room or grouping several plants into one location. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that the plants can make animals sick if they ingest the leaves.

Make Fragrant Pomanders

A pomander is a piece of fruit, most typically an orange, that is studded with clothes. Traditionally, a pomander was used like a sachet to mask bad smells and freshen the aroma of a closet or wardrobe. A bowl of pomanders can make a charming decoration that imparts a cozy, nostalgic scent.

Decorate With Ornaments

Christmas ornaments don’t just belong on the tree. Many families find that they have acquired more ornaments than they can fit on a tree thanks to inherited treasures, their own purchases, and children’s handmade projects. Once the tree is full, try making a centerpiece with evergreen branches or magnolia leaves and Christmas balls. Ornaments can also be hung from the mantel or from a cord draped around a light fixture.

Light The Room With Candles

Candlelight is soft and romantic, and it’s also a reminder of the past, when all homes were lit with burning lamps. Placing a candle in front of a mirror or other reflective surface creates extra light and sparkle. Using colored or holiday-scented candles can enhance a home’s overall ambiance.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. These tips can help anyone bring all the warm feelings of Christmas into their home with just a little creativity.


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